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About Writing Star Notary Service

"Our role is to maintain the integrity of legal documents, protect individuals, and contribute to the smooth functioning of legal and business processes for the State we are commissioned to perform our Notarial duties."


Field Inspection (B2B) 

field inspection conducted by a notary involves an on-site examination and verification of documents or transactions outside the traditional office setting. 

                    call: 702-771-4689

Apostille Service

An apostille is a specialized certificate issued by a competent authority to authenticate the legitimacy of a public document for use in another country. If you are inquiring about doing a Apostille. 

                               Call 702-771-4689


You can use the "Take Action" below to get a Acknowledgement Notarize by Writing Star Notary Service

Mobile Notary 

Mobile Notary is where we will come to you with in our service area.  Email for more details

Remote Online Notary 

You can use this to get your documents notarized by uploading them to the platform, use the "Take action" below


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Oath or  Affirmations

Oath or Affirmation are a confirm statement to the signer.  Which can be given online. So click the Take action

 Common General Notary Notarizations can be: 

 Power of Attorney, Trust Documents, healthcare related documents, Auto Title Transfers and other commonly notarized Documents. 

Request for Service

Please click the Take action bottom below for  any General Notary work other than Loan Signing by the link provided  below to schedule your online appointment and follow the instructions:

 Business Hours

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Saturday                                 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Sunday - Closed

 Service Areas

Clark County  NV,  

 Remote Online Notary

Commission Notary in the State of Nevada

                                                                                                                  In office person to person notary by appointments  only so please call to schedule.